IES has recently developed a precision non-contact chamfer gauging system. This gauging system is in production operation gauging external and internal tube end chamfers. Both chamfers are depth and angle gauged simultaneously to within a depth accuracy of 12.5microns (.0005”). Automatic pass/fail inspection results are instantly displayed for viewing and saved in a diagram format on a large monitor indicated below. The chamfer gauging system includes a customer-specific library of part sizes which are key pad accessible. This feature makes the IES chamfer gauging system extremely versatile with an attractive payback.


chamfer gauging system

Non-Contact Chamfer Gauging System

The IES chamfer gauging system is presently used as a manual load bench top unit. Automatic load/unload versions are available as well as custom inline process integrated versions.

IES Inner & Outer Chamfer Inspection Results Display

chamfer gauging systems

ID/OD Chamfer gauging system features

  • Instant inspection results
  • Simultaneous inner & outer chamfer depth and angle gauging
  • Gauging accuracy – 12.5microns (.0005”)
  • Pass/Fail indication with failure location
  • Data collection excel formatted
  • Library of customer-specific part sizes
  • Easy to use – no special computer skills required

Benchtop Inline Process Gauging

chamfer gauging capabilities

Inline operation with multi-size chamfer gauging capabilities offers high versatility usage.

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