Concentrations & Experience

  • Professional disciplines in design, engineering, fabrication, controls and software.
  • Developing & incorporating process & quality improvements applied to a variety of manufacturing operations within the aerospace, medical, automotive, & general manufacturing sectors.
  • Applying and integrating various non-contact sensor technologies for detecting anomalies and measurement.
  • Design & fabrication of both semi or fully automated work stations employing special fixturing, pick’n’place units, robotic end effectors, etc.
  • Applying & integrating process controls (PLC, HMI, PC) & developing custom application specific operating routines based on standard PC platforms.
  • Conducting R&D programs, feasibility analyses, and prototyping.
Controlling Roll Diameter and Width

You can use IES’s sensor technology expertise for improving control of your processes. We have years of experience implementing unique process improvements and applying sensors to numerous manufacturing quality control and process inspection applications.

Profiling Plate Stock

Examples of this expertise include:

  • IES carefully reviews customer application requirements then selects the appropriate sensor(s) for detecting and monitoring specific anomalies within an operation.
  • Using laser micrometer inspection for precision gauging of specific part features.
  • Applying photoelectric, laser displacement, confocal, non-contact type sensors applied to detecting specific surface and dimensional characteristics.
  • Integrating machine vision for flaw detection or process control applications.
  • Displaying and collecting sensor inspection data for improved process control.
Gauging Thickness of Kevlar Vests